Monday 12 – Tuesday 13 – Wednesday 14

The Superyacht Forum 2018 programme will be focused on the core theme:
The Future of Superyacht Ownership – The Perfect Customer Journey.

The three-day event will be part of a strategic plan, where the industry will explore, debate and develop “The Perfect Customer Journey”. Each day will be dedicated to a specific stage in the process of ownership and will highlight five daily themes in keynote, workshop and debate format.

Day One:  Starting the Journey – Understanding Ownership
Featured Themes: Chartering | Buying | Law & Tax | Marketing | New Thinking.

Day Two: Building & Rebuild the Fleet – Optimising Ownership
Featured Themes: New Building | Project Management | Innovations | Inspirations | Rebuilding.

Day Three: Operating & Managing – Enjoying Ownership
Featured Themes: Captains and Crew| Yacht Management | OPEX & Budgeting | Discovery| Next Generation.

Each phrase will be an essential part of the customer journey worth exploring at this year’s forum.  Ahead of the event we ask – “How can we make sure every owner is always enjoying the journey, and as a result, becoming our industry ambassadors to the wider UHNW community?”

Programme is subject to change.

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