Services for Ship Yards

You like to offer a yacht to the market? We can help with, define the Unique Selling Points and Special features of your vessel for marketing purposes.
New building or refitting, KYC wants to make projects into an Excellent Yacht Experience.
Selling, building or refitting a yacht should be fun. KYC coordinates, organises and performs services to take the biggest worries away.


Selling a yacht

Selling a Yacht?
How could the yacht be marketed, what are the Unique Selling Points, how does it compare to other
yachts in the market? KYC could do a Sales Survey. Starting from describing the main particulars to gathering data on technical equipment, certification and classification, we will then do a General Plan Survey on the deck lay-out to point out the Special Features and Unique Selling Points. Finally we will visit the Shipyard and the Yacht and help you with marketing of the vessel.


Owners Representation

Your Clients don’t have the time to take care of the project on a day to day base? As an Owners Representative KYC can act on behalf of the Owner from start to delivery.
Throughout the whole Project we will coordinate the process from the Client’s side. With 25 years of experience in shipbuilding, KYC is well capable to smooth down the New Build or Refit process, making the project more enjoyable for all parties.

Defining Requirements

You wants to develop a New Platform, where do you start, how do you define the product? With years of experience in Yacht Design, KYC can assist you in translating ideas, wishes, special features, innovations into the Basic Requirements and Main Characteristics of the Yacht. Which part of the Yacht market you want to attract now and which part will be important 5 years from now? How will your new design answer the market requirements and clients profile you are targeting? How will the New Design be special and create a “I want to Have”? How does it fit in your current portfolio? KYC could help you to answer these questions and give you a head start.

Naval Architecture

With the Basic Requirements and main particulars of the New Platform, KYC could assist you in creating a Concept. With the support of your Naval Architects we will create an arrangement plan and Yacht Platform with all basic Naval Architecture done making sure the project is feasible.

Exterior Design

Now the New Platform needs a “shape”. Great exterior lines as you imagine forms and beauty. We will find the right Exterior Design that has the Heritage as a Yacht of your Shipyard, renewing the exterior lines but not too far away from where you are appreciated for. In multiple sessions we will create the Exterior Design Concept and get the lines, the shapes, the curves and proportions right. In doing so we could ask the support of world’s most renowned Exterior Designers.

Marine Engineering

With the approved Concept of your New Platform with its spectacular exterior lines, we now only need to bring it to life. With the Shipyards Engineers and Naval Architects we will do the basic Marine Engineering. The right machinery system and equipment need to be engineered into the concept so the vessel goes as fast as wished for, as far as requested and the helicopter can safely land on one of the decks.
KYC with more than 25 years of experience in marine engineering will help to get things right.
All technical requirements need to be translated to technical systems. We will assist you to define the product and specify all that needs to go in, under and onto the Yacht.

Interior Design Concept

With all efforts done for the project till so far, we got a marvellous shaped working machine without an inner soul. What is still needed is creation of luxury spaces: an interior that answers to the same design language as the exterior and fits your Client’s Profile with the correct materials and finishes.
We will create an amazing interior with the help of the best Interior Studios worldwide. We love to work with all of them but will find the one we think fits your Client’s profile best and will provide exactly what is wished for.


Price Calculations

With a decade of experience in making cost price calculations for a North European shipyard on both New Build Projects and Refits, KYC has in depth knowledge on current pricing from hull building to buying components and equipment, square meter prices of interiors, teak decking, glass, railing and all related subcontracting labour costs. We are well aware of current Design Fees, Naval Architecture and Engineering costs. KYC could assist in Cost Price Calculations of a New Build or Refit Projects.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Let’s hope not but when you do get into a dispute, KYC could offer Litigation and Dispute Resolution. If contractually arranged correctly we could offer a binding objective and independent dispute resolution in line with the contractual conditions and technical specifications.