Services for Yacht Management Companies

Whether your client is buying or selling, KYC can assist you with purchase and sales. Your client is looking for a new or an existing yacht? We can help and find the best Yacht.
Your client likes to offer a yacht to the market? We will define the Unique Selling Points to get to the best possible price.
New building or refitting, KYC wants to make the project into an Excellent Yacht Experience.
Buying or selling, building, refitting or operating a vessel, yachting should be fun. KYC coordinates, organises and performs services to take the biggest worries away.


Buying a new yacht

Purchasing a new Built?
For the budget the Client has in mind we can help to find, the best Yacht and Shipyard fitting your clients profile. Buying a new build can be quite a challenge. A Purchase Survey is the wise thing to do: once you have targeted a project, we can perform the Survey for you. Starting from gathering data on technical requirements, specifications, certification and a Plan View Survey, we will finally visit the yard and do an on board inspection to define the overall quality.
There are many great Shipyards building incredible Yachts. Which one fits your client best, balancing the budget, the quality desired, featuring the lay-out and performance required? To find the correct new build, series or semi-custom Yacht that answers all requirements is not an easy job.

Your client has a dream not currently on the market, you know what your Client wants but can’t get it defined. You need a Full Custom Yacht.
We could lead and guide the whole process: from specifying the requirements to creating the Yacht concept with the right Exterior and Interior Design. We will make sure the Naval Architecture gets done and the project is feasible. With the finalized concept, we will find the right Shipyard to build it.

Buying an existing yacht

Purchasing an existing Yacht?
Your client is looking for an existing yacht or you’re looking around for it. With the budget in mind we can find the right Yacht for sale in the market, answering the requirements. What kind of Yacht you’re looking for, what will it be use for, where will it be used, private or charter, day cruiser or world traveller?
Once we have targeted a project, we can do a Purchase Survey. Starting from gathering data on technical requirements, certification, maintenance records and a Plan View Survey, we finally will do an on board inspection on the total quality and maintenance status of the Yacht.

Selling a yacht

Selling a Yacht?
How could the yacht be marketed, what are the Unique Selling Points, how does it compare to other
yachts in the market and what will be the correct asking price? We can do a Sales Survey. Starting from describing the main particulars to gathering data on technical equipment, certification and the maintenance records, we will then do a General Plan Survey on the deck lay-out to point out the Special Features and Unique Selling Points. Finally we will do an on board inspection and specify the overall quality and maintenance status of the Yacht.


Selling or buying a Yacht for a client? What will be the right price? After a complete Purchase or Sales Survey we will be able to do an accurate evaluation of the project and compare it to similar vessels in the market. With the detailed information of the survey and the latest accurate market information, we will be able to position the project correctly and advise on either the best asking or buying price.

Price Negotiations

With the latest market information available, great knowledge on competitor’s positions and current pricing, KYC is well capable to assist with Price Negotiations.


Every deal is different and needs attention to specific details of the project and client specific requirements. Together with the proper Legal Office we can get the deal into a contract.


Owners Representation

You don’t have the time to take care of the project? As an Owners Representative we can act on your clients behalf from start to delivery.
Throughout the Project we will lead the process, consulting with the client on major important decisions but releasing the client from this duty on minor decisions of low importance.

Project Management

Project Management is of vital importance. Making sure the project stays within budget and is delivered on time. KYC will relate with all parties involved: the Exterior Design Studio, the Naval Architect, the Interior Design Studio, the Shipyard and its Subcontractors, the Regulatory Bodies and all involved Service Offices.

Defining Requirements

You Client wants to build new, where do you start, how do you define the project? With years of experience in Yacht Design, KYC can assist in specifying ideas, desires, needs, wishes and translate them into the Basic Requirements and Main Characteristics of the Yacht.

Your Client wants a Refit? They know what they like but where do you start? With years of experience in refitting, KYC can assist in translating the Client ideas into the Basic Requirements for the Refit.

Naval Architecture

With the Basic Requirements of the New Yacht, we will prepare a Concept for your Client. With the assistance of a Naval Architect, we will create a yacht Platform with all basic Naval Architecture, making sure the project is feasible and the lay-out has all the client’s requirements.

For a Refit, we will make sure that all necessary Naval Architecture is done for the Yacht to stay afloat after adding construction, furniture and new materials that all translated into weight.

Exterior Design

The New Build Concept needs a “shape”. Great exterior lines as your Client imagines form and beauty. We will find the right Design Language and make the Exterior Design Concept. In multiple sessions we will get the lines, the shapes, the curves and the proportions right and if required we will ask the support of one of world’s most renowned Exterior Designers.

Also the Exterior of a Refit could need to be changed a bit: adding features that were not there before or moving existing ones back and forth. Great Exterior Lines need to be respected but with the right touch we could just create a new fresh look the Yacht in line with the original design language.

Marine Engineering

With the approval of your Client on the New Build Concept and its spectacular exterior lines, the project now only needs to be brought to life and with a Naval Architect we will do the basic Marine Engineering. We will get the right machinery system and equipment engineered into the concept, so the vessel goes as fast as wished for, as far as requested and the helicopter can safely land on one of the decks.
All technical requirements need to be translated to technical systems. We will define the product and specify all that needs to go in, under and onto the Yacht.

With the approved Refit Concept, the basic Naval Architecture and Engineering needs to be checked.
The Refit Requirements need to be translated to the construction and technical systems of the vessel. To avoid surprises after the completion of the Refit all machinery systems and equipment need to be checked.


The Specifications of the New Build need to be written or checked. Most shipyards have their own Basic Specifications. Together with the Shipyard KYC will translate the product definitions into the Build Specification for the vessel.
If decided to base the vessel on a platform designed by a Shipyard KYC can easily adapt the product definitions into a specific build specification and adopt all extra requirements as requested. There are many ways to get to a build specification if necessary we start from scratch and create a unique build specification for the specific project.

All Refit requirements need to be translated to the construction and technical systems of the vessel.
The Refit Specifications need to be written or checked. Most shipyards have their own way of translating a refit into a specifications and offer. Together with the Refit-Shipyard KYC could take the Refit Requirements into the Refit Specification for your client.

Interior Design Concept

With all efforts done for the New Build project till so far, we got a marvellous shaped working machine without an inner soul. What is still needed is an Interior Design and interior that fits your client’s personal profile with the correct materials and finishing as requested.
KYC will create an amazing interior with the support of the best Interior Studios worldwide. We love to work with all of them but will find the one we think fits your Client best and will provide exactly what is wished for.

With the Basic Requirements of the Refit we will prepare an Interior Design Concept for your client. Based on the existing Yacht platform and the assistance of an Interior Studio we will create a great new Interior and Arrangement Plan. We know the best Interior Studios worldwide and love to work with all of them. At KYC we are well aware Refitting is not New Building but we will find the best studio suitable for this specific job. On top of that we won’t forget to check feasibility of the new interior features making sure they fit in the existing structures.

Now we can safely move to the purchase, find a Shipyard to Build or Refit the yacht, get you the best price and New Build or Refit Contract.

Quality Assurance and Commissioning

In New building as well as in Refitting we will assist throughout the project, surveying the Hull Construction and Outfitting in accordance with the contract and specification, assuring quality control, get the yacht commissioned and ready for use.


Purchase Survey

Whether buying a complete New Yacht or an Existing Yacht, it is wise to have a Purchase Survey done. Shipyards will offer their so called Sales Documents like General Arrangement Plans, Technical Drawings, Interior Specifications and Technical Specifications, all often accompanied by attachments like appendixes or annexes explaining what is being sold and under what conditions.
Existing Yachts have large data sheets on their special features and technical capabilities, photos and plan drawings explaining the layout and aesthetics of the vessel. On top of that they have an operational status and maintenance history. With a Purchase Survey of the Yacht, KYC will give the correct insight of the vessel and provide an objective and independent advice.
Based on the requirements KYC will provide a suitable offer.
For New builds we will go through the offer and specifications first, providing a Purchase Advice, verifying whether this is the correct Yacht to buy and the Shipyard to build it with. Secondly we will visit the Shipyard and report on pedigree, quality, financial liability, build slot availability, project availability, status and planning.
For Existing Yachts we first offer a Survey based on the available data and market information, providing in a Purchase Advice consisting of one preferred and 1 or 2 alternative Yachts to buy. The second stage, when a specific project is selected, will be an on board survey and performance trial, providing an in-depth report on the vessel, its operational status, overall quality and maintenance program. The last stage would be an underwater hull inspection if required for securing the purchase and not leaving any doubts.

Price Calculations

With a decade of experience in making cost price calculations for a North European shipyard on both New Build and Refits Projects, KYC has in depth knowledge on current pricing from hull building to buying components and equipment, square meter prices of interiors, teak decking, glass, railing and all related subcontracting labour cost. We are well aware of current Design Fees, Naval Architecture and Engineering costs. KYC could do Cost Price Calculations of New Builds and Refit Projects, pre calculate a Yacht purchase, a refit job or verify any offer received.

Yacht Valuation

A Yacht Valuation could provide a proper selling price or validate an asking price. It could also provide the proper insurance value. Starting from a data check on technical equipment, certification and the maintenance records, KYC will continue with a General Plan Survey and on board inspection on the overall quality and status of the Yacht. After performing the complete Valuation Survey, KYC will provide an objective and independent valuation.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

When in Yachting, your Client doesn’t get what was promised or disagrees with what is offered, KYC could offer Litigation and Dispute Resolution. If contractually arranged correctly we could offer a binding objective and independent dispute resolution in line with the contractual conditions and technical specifications.