Services for Legal Offices

Whether your Client is buying or selling, KYC can assist you with purchase and sales. Your Client is looking for a new or existing yacht? We can help and find the best Yacht.
Your client likes to offer a yacht to the market? We will define the Unique Selling Points to get to the best possible price.
New building or refitting, KYC wants to make projects into Excellent Yacht Experiences.
Buying or selling, building, refitting or operating a vessel, yachting should be fun. KYC coordinates, organises and performs services to take the biggest worries away.



Selling or buying a Yacht for a client? What will be the right price? After a complete Purchase or Sales Survey KYC will be able to do an accurate evaluation of the project and compare it to similar vessels in the market. With the detailed information of the survey and the latest accurate market information we will be able to position the project correctly and advise your Client on either the best asking or buying price.

Price Negotiations

With the latest market information available, great knowledge on competitor’s positions and current pricing, K-YC is well capable to assist with Price Negotiations.


Every deal is different and needs attention to specific details and the Client requirements. KYC could check the contracts technical part back to back with the supporting documentation as; Build Specifications, Technical Descriptions, Annexes and Appendices. Together with you we can get the deal into a contract containing the correct legal and technical documentation.


We can assist your client with the choice to register private or commercial and the best suiting Flag and Country of Registration.


Owners Representation

Your Client hasn’t got the time to take care of the project? As an Owners Representative we can act on your Client’s behalf from start to finish.
Throughout the whole Project KYC will lead the process, taking care of technical, aesthetical, budgetary and planning issues consulting with your Client on major important decisions but releasing the Client of this duty on minor decisions of low importance.

Quality Assurance and Commissioning

In New building as well as in Refitting KYC will assist your Client throughout the project, surveying the Hull Construction and Outfitting in accordance with the contract and specification, assuring quality control, getting the yacht commissioned and ready for use.


Purchase Survey

Whether buying a New Build Yacht or an Existing Yacht, it is wise to have a Purchase Survey done. Shipyards will offer their so called Sales Documents as: General Arrangement Plans, Technical Drawings, Interior Specifications and Technical Specifications, all often accompanied by attachments like appendixes or annexes explaining what is being sold and under what conditions.
Existing Yachts have large data sheets on their special features and technical capabilities, photos and plan drawings explaining the layout and aesthetics of the vessel. On top of that they have an operational status and maintenance history.
With a Purchase Survey of the Yacht, KYC will give the correct insight of the vessel and provide an objective and independent advice. Based on the requirements of the Client KYC will provide a suitable offer.
For New builds we will go through the offer and specifications first, providing a Purchase Advice, verifying whether this is the correct Yacht to buy and the Shipyard to build it with. Secondly we will visit the Shipyard and report on pedigree, quality, financial liability, build slot availability, project availability, status and planning.
For Existing Yachts we first offer a Survey based on the available data and market information and provide a Purchase Advice consisting of one preferred and 1 or 2 alternative Yachts to buy. The second stage, when a specific project is selected, will be an on board survey and performance trial providing an in-depth report on the vessel, its operational status, overall quality and maintenance program. The last stage would be an underwater hull inspection if required for securing the purchase and not leaving any doubts.

Yacht Valuation

A Yacht Valuation could provide a proper selling price or validate an asking price. It could also provide the proper insurance value. Starting from a data check on technical equipment, certification and the maintenance records KYC will continue with a General Plan Survey and on board inspection on the overall quality and status of the Yacht. After performing the complete Valuation Survey, we will provide an objective and independent valuation.

Hull and Machinery Damage Survey

Unfortunately but true, not always all goes well. So how we get your vessel fit for duty as quick as possible without great pain and terrible headaches? KYC can arrange and coordinate a Hull and Machinery Damage Survey; inspections and surveys with the official bodies after hull and machinery damages in order to plan for dockings and repairs and get the Yacht operational again as quick as possible.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

When your Client doesn’t get what was promised or disagrees with what is offered or suggested as a solution, KYC could offer Litigation and Dispute Resolution. If contractually arranged correctly we could offer a binding objective and independent dispute resolution in line with the contractual conditions and technical specifications.