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Your client is looking for a new adventure; KYC can assist with creation of the best yacht possible, find you a suitable Shipyard for the project, assist in the purchase and contract and safely guide the project till the completion and delivery.
New building or refitting, Yachting should be fun. KYC, coordinates, organises and performs services to take the biggest worries away and turn projects into Excellent Yacht Experiences.


Buying a new yacht

Purchasing a new Built?
Your Client wants an existing series boat with the touch of your pencil? For the budget in mind KYC can help to find the best Yacht and Shipyard fitting your Client’s profile.
Buying a new build can be quite a challenge. There are many great Shipyard building incredible Yachts. Which one fits your Client best, balancing the budget, the desired quality and featuring the required lay-out and performance? To find the correct series or semi-custom Yacht that answers all requirements is not an easy job.

Your Client has a dream not currently on the market, you know what your Client wants but can’t get it defined. You need a Full Custom Yacht. KYC could lead and guide the whole process: from defining requirements to creating the Yacht concept with you. We will make sure the Naval Architecture gets done and the project is feasible. With the concept in hand, we will find the right Shipyard to build it.


Defining Requirements

You Client wants to build new, where do you start, how do you define the project? With years of experience in Yacht Design, KYC can assist in specifying your ideas and the Client’s desires, needs and wishes and translate them into the Basic Requirements and Main Characteristics of the Yacht.

Your Clients wants a Refit, they know what they like but how do you define it? With years of experience in Refitting, KYC can assist in translating ideas into Basic Requirements for the Refit.

Naval Architecture

With the Basic Requirements of the New Yacht, KYC will prepare a Concept for your Client. With the assistance of a Naval Architect we will create a Yacht platform with all basic Naval Architecture, making sure the project is feasible and the General Arrangement Plan has all the Client’s requirements.

For a Refit, we will make sure all necessary Naval Architecture is done for the yacht to stay afloat after we adding construction, furniture and new materials that all translated into weight.

Exterior Design

The New Build Concept needs a “shape”. Here is where we need your pencil to provide the language for excellent exterior lines as your Client imagines beauty. With your creativeness and our eyes on feasibility, we will create the Exterior Design Concept. In multiple sessions we will get the lines, the shapes, curves and proportions right, feasible and buildable.

Marine Engineering

With the approval of your Client on the Project’s Concept with spectacular exterior lines, we now only need to bring it to life. With a Naval Architect Studio, KYC will do the basic Marine Engineering. We will get the right machinery system and equipment engineered into the concept, so the vessel goes as fast as wished for, as far as requested and the helicopter can safely land on one of the decks.
All technical requirements need to be translated into technical systems. We will define the product and specify all that needs to go in, under and onto the yacht.


The Specifications of the project need to be written or checked. Most shipyards have their own Basic Specifications. Together with the Shipyard, KYC will translate the product definitions to the Build or Refit Specification.
If decided to base the vessel on a platform designed by a Shipyard, KYC can easily adapt the product definitions into a specific build specification and adopt all extra requirements as requested. There are many ways to get to a Build or Refit Specification, if necessary we start from scratch and create a unique specification for the specific project.

Interior Design Concept

With all efforts done for the project till so far, we have a marvellous shaped working machine without an inner soul. What is still needed is a place to chill-out, eat, shower, relax, watch TV, swim, sunbathe, have a drink, hop onto a jet-ski, get a massage and finally fall asleep. We need your inspiration and imagination to create an interior that fits your client’s profile like a favourite coat, with great materials and finishes as no one ever dreamt of before.
With your creativity and the experience of KYC in client profiling, yacht building and lay-out design, we will get the most efficient and stunning looking interior ever.

Now we can safely move into the purchase, find a Shipyard to Build or Refit the Yacht for the best price.


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