Providing in the guidance you really need.

KYC wants to add quality value to the yacht market and therefore offers a large range of services to a variety of clients for existing and new construction Super Yachts. Operating in the fields of both technical and commercial consultancy, we will provide excellent, reliable and high quality professional services.

We would like to take our Clients by the hand from the first initial idea of owning a yacht, to buying one or building new, using it, maintaining it, refitting or selling it. Not necessarily providing all services ourselves but making sure there is someone taking care and the whole process continues, runs smoothly as it should, providing the “I’m looked after” feeling and “someone is taking care of me”.

We believe we add quality value in providing guidance to the Yachting Industry


In the field of Sales and Purchase, KYC will assist in reviewing technical information and contractual documents, checking their content on consistency, correctness and completeness. Supported by a Shipyard and onboard visits the Sales or Purchase Surveys will provide you with an excellent Project Evaluation to support your final decisions.

As Owners Representative, we could lead and manage a New Construction or Refit project. The service will support all choices to be made. From the initial idea to the concept design, from the basic engineering to the cutting of steel, from hull assembly to final outfitting, from the choice of loose furniture and owners supplies to delivery of the vessel.
KYC is capable to guide the project from A to Z preventing you from great worries and a troubled mind, leaving you to enjoy the process as an excellent experience.

In the field of Yacht Services, KYC can act as the technical expert and be selected for any service to be done to a yacht, during new construction, operational surveys, dockings and hull or machinery damages. In case of disputes, we can be the expert witness and provide litigation and dispute resolutions.

Yacht Experiences with KYC should be different, pleasurable, enjoyable, fun


Passionate and devoted as we are in what we do, we will bring knowledge and expertise to the yachting industry. We believe we can give our customers not just what they ask for but what they really need.

With “The Netherlands”, as our background, being one of the countries with the most renowned Shipyards in Yacht Building worldwide, we are a very capable Dutch Consultancy Agency.
KYC has professional, well-established relations with the most renowned Brokers, Design Studios, pedigree Shipyards, Governmental Bodies and Classification Societies worldwide.

We believe we can give our customers not just what they ask for but what they really need


Vlissingen, The Netherlands

The Netherland is seen as a “Capital of Super Yacht Building” and its commercial activities around this industry. Here we can find the world’s most renowned Yards building Super Yachts. KYC as it is registered as a Dutch Company has office in the Netherlands.
While being in the northern part of Europe and doing projects in The Netherlands and Germany, Vlissingen will be ideal to operate from.

Ancona, Italy

Italy, the “World Leading Yacht Building Country” in concerns of total volume of new building yachts and refitting.
Ancona will be the main office of KYC, as well our creative studio where we Develop and Design Projects. Ancona Italy, in the beautiful Provence of Marche, offers great hospitality to clientele. The office in Ancona will be great to receive and entertain clients.

Viareggio, Italy

The newest office of KYC is in the Centre of Italian Yacht Building. From here we follow projects in Italy on its west coast.
The largest number of yachts build, refitted and maintained in Italy can be found within a circle of 100Km around Viareggio.